Security Monitor Pro

Security Monitor Pro 6.21

Monitors video using multiple IP and USB cameras
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This is a tool for video surveillance capable of working with multiple cameras. It can monitor and record video and sound, allows users to create shared windows for several cameras and is capable of notifying of any triggering sound or motion alarm by email.

If you are planning to manage your security and surveillance system on your own from a single PC, it is really good to buy Security Monitor Pro. SMP is a powerful tool to take control over a very large area by means of security cameras with such characteristics as multiple camera connectivity, scheduling for each camera, taking snaps at intervals or on intrusion. It has highly customizable options and much more. SMP has special scheduling module which would enhance coverage, as one can individually set the start or stop time for each camera and do many other scheduling tasks. Based on the configuration set, email can be set for any event recorded/alerted, or alarm can be activated, or you can set to take snapshots of some event. All this recording can be stored locally on your computer or at network path; but not only this: with SMP the user can also manage to upload it to an FTP server. With SMP it is really easy to broadcast camera actions in just a few clicks. This tool will ensure that your business/home is under your watch whenever you want.

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  • Compatible with most of the Windows operating systems
  • It can manage multiple cameras


  • Needs professional networking knowledge
  • Overall cost is higher than similar tools
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